SpaPure Filter Clean Pro 4oz

Filter Clean PRO

Small package, BIG RESULTS! 

Our popular formula got EVEN STRONGER. Filter Clean PRO removes the bad stuff you cannot see. This product breaks down and removes all the yuck that a spa filter grabs such as body oils, dead skin, dirt and grease.

Product Details


  • Dry concentrate, deep cleaning crystals
  • Degreases and whitens spas
  • Small single use pouch, less mess!
  • Odorless forumla


  • Multiple cleanings, ideal for large filters
  • Incomplete rinsing? No foaming in spa
  • Improves filtration capacity of spa, maintains adequate flow and circulation
  • Cleaner the filter, cleaner the water!
  • Regular decreasing increases spa filter lifespan
  • Ease of mind knowing your spa water is clean


  • Add 4 ounces to 3-5 gallons of water
  • Place filter in solution and let soak for at least 15 minutes
  • If cartridge is large, flip over cartridge afterwards

Available Sizes

4 oz

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