Haviland Oxidizing Shock 2lb

Haviland Oxidizer Shock

Use Oxidizing-Shock as a fast acting, quick dissolving, non-chlorinated oxidizing treatment.

Sold in select markets. Similar to SpaPure Oxidizing Shock.

Product Details


  • Oxygen based, non-chlorine based oxidizer. Contains no chlorine!
  • Perfect companion for those using silver ion or similar mineral cartridge systems
  • Revitalizes chlorine or bromine sanitizers


  • Removes wastes and contaminants in water quickly
  • Spa entry can occur shortly after adding it to the water
  • Perfect for those who are looking to decrease the amount of chlorine while maintaining second-to-none clarity


  • Adjust pH 7.2-7.6, Alkalinity 100-120 ppm
  • Broadcast over entire spa water surface with pump running
  • In most cases add 1.5 ounces (2 Tbsp) per 200 gallons of spa water weekly
  • Add more frequently if spa use increases or more people use the spa than normal

Available Sizes

2 lb cylinder

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